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Rental Appraisals

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Free rental appraisal Auckland and Waikato

Common Queries

  • How can I estimate rental income?
  • How do I work out the rental value of a property?
  • How can I estimate my rental property value?
  • How do I appraise my rental property?
  • How can I calculate future rental income?

The good news is, Fahey Property Management is qualified and experienced in these matters. For expert guidance in rental property valuations, get in touch through the form below.

For free rental appraisals from Fahey Property Management, the process has never been simpler. Fill out the rental appraisal form below, and one of our Auckland and Hamilton property specialists will be in touch.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

The rent appraisal document is extremely valuable for property owners. Not only is it accepted by the banks for financial purposes, but also helps in assessing the future rental income from the property. Several people are still using a rent appraisal calculator to calculate the market rent of their property.

Fahey Rental Properties offers a free rent appraisal service for all sorts of properties. We have expertise in Auckland and Waikato based property markets. Sometimes, calculating rental appraisals can become a bit of a time-consuming task, but our team can get this done in no time. The reports generated by our experienced team will give you a pretty accurate estimate of weekly rent that you can get from your property.

A rent appraisal is done on the basis of comparing different properties, current market demand, experience, and industry insights. Along with the appraisal report, we also provide helpful tips for improvements that can assist in increasing the rent amount. If you want to know how much your property can earn for you, we can help you. All you need to do is to get in touch with one of our rent appraisal experts and they will guide you through the whole process.

Please submit your details below or contact us directly to arrange a free rental appraisal.  We specialise in the Auckland and Waikato property markets. With more than a decade of experience in property management and tenancy services, Fahey Property Managers have the in-depth understanding of the market in order to give accurate, free rental appraisals.

If you’ve got questions about the property market and how much your property could earn, our team has the answers.

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