Our Guarantee: Excellent tenants who pay their rent on time and care for your investment.

Our Unique Skills: Years of experience matching top tenants with the perfect homes.

3 reasons to choose Fahey Property Management

1. Complete 24/7 professional management of your rental property investment to guarantee its condition remains perfect, while your financials and all the paperwork is taken care of.

2. Expert property management consultations related to tenancy and disputes to ensure you always receive your rent on time.

3. Control of the occupancy process (all our rental properties are also listed on both our online Properties for Rent website and on the Trademe Rentals website) with full credit and reference checks to ensure you get the right tenants every time.

Contact our specialist Property Managers in Auckland and Property Managers in Waikato. Don’t risk your biggest investment, keep your asset secure by putting your property in our expert hands today.

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What We Do

Property Management

Aside from the most expert handling of your property we keep you updated on the ever-changing laws and regulations.

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Rental Appraisals

We have compiled a quick, easy way to get an independent FREE rental appraisal of what your property should be renting for.

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Tenancy Disputes

We are skilled at dealing with often-complex tenancy dispute process, advocating for you at the tenancy tribunal and dealing with changes to laws and complicated legal paperwork. Plus we are highly regarded for our dealings and negotiating with problematic tenants, ensuring you are never out of pocket when it comes to rent arrears.

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