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Auckland Property Management

Property Management Experts

Fahey Property Management is your specialist residential property management company, focused on the greater Auckland region.

Our proven track record of success has spanned more than a decade. We are well known in the business for:

  1.   Our strong work ethic ensures properties are carefully managed and maintained 24/7.
  2.   Our in-depth market knowledge allows us to provide expert advice on everything from rent prices to legal and financial matters.
  3.   Our powerful network of trusted partners (builders/electricians/plumbers/landscapers) guarantees property issues are handled immediately with the least cost to you.

Meet our expert Auckland managers

Angela Fahey

Managing Director

021 272 0091

Angela Fahey

New Zealand Certificate in Residential Property Management (Level 4)

My business was founded on a strong work ethic and 24/7 proactiveness with property owners and their tenants, which has enabled our growing team to develop long standing management relationships with clients and maximise their investment.

Since 2010, I have strived to become one of the country’s leading property managers, by being direct and delivering results like the right rent on-time every-time for our clients and 24/7 maintenance for owners. I can spot an issue with a tenant from a mile away!

Along with property management, I support rental property owners and tenants during tenancy disputes with mediation and negotiation as a property rental consultant. I’ve built a reputation for success in tenancy disputes by being a detail-focused problem-solver, who can provide straight-forward advice on all the financial and legal aspects of property management.

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