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Property management experts in Auckland and Waikato.

Fahey Property Management

We are a specialist Residential Property Management company managing rental properties in greater Auckland and Waikato. Our highly skilled Fahey Property Managers possess a wealth of rental property management and tenant consultancy experience to provide both landlords and tenants with a stress-free property rental experience that keeps our owners’ property investments secure.

Meet the team

Erin Dasler

Waikato Area Manager

021 272 0089

Erin Dasler

New Zealand Certificate in Residential Property Management (Level 4)

With near 10 years working in the Waikato property management market, I am Fahey Property Management’s expert at understanding the requirements of both property owners and tenants in the region.
As a problem-solver who is experienced at finding the middle ground between tenants and owners where everyone is pleased, I’m flexible to work at times when its suitable for clients. My experience from managing everything from one-bedroom apartments to large family homes means I can provide great service across all property types.

I have in-depth knowledge of the Residential Tenancies Act and always keep up with the changes to contemporary legislation. That means you can be assured that your investment will be compliant and in safe hands.

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Amanda Gonthier

Property Manager

021 272 0086

Amanda Gonthier

DipBusStuds (HRM)

Certificate in Property Management (Level 4)

With over a decade of experience, I am a seasoned property manager known for my firm yet fair approach. Passionate about the day-to-day intricacies of property management, I thrive on working with people to achieve outstanding results. I am well-versed in The Residential Tenancies Act and Healthy Homes Compliance, ensuring all properties meet the highest standards. Having worked in both commercial and residential roles, I bring a unique perspective and deep understanding of the industry to my role.

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Angela Fahey

Managing Director

021 272 0091

Angela Fahey

New Zealand Certificate in Residential Property Management (Level 4)

My business was founded on a strong work ethic and 24/7 proactiveness with property owners and their tenants, which has enabled our growing team to develop long standing management relationships with clients and maximise their investment.

Since 2010, I have strived to become one of the country’s leading property managers, by being direct and delivering results like the right rent on-time every-time for our clients and 24/7 maintenance for owners. I can spot an issue with a tenant from a mile away!

Along with property management, I support rental property owners and tenants during tenancy disputes with mediation and negotiation as a property rental consultant. I’ve built a reputation for success in tenancy disputes by being a detail-focused problem-solver, who can provide straight-forward advice on all the financial and legal aspects of property management.

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