Fahey Property Management

We are a specialist Residential Property Management company managing rental properties in greater Auckland and Waikato.  Our highly skilled Fahey Property Managers possess a wealth of rental property management and tenant consultancy experience to provide both landlords and tenants with a stress-free property rental experience that keeps our owners’ property investments secure.


Erin Dasler

Waikato Manager

Erin Dasler – Flexible, knowledgeable

After studying Valuation and Property Management through Massey University, I started my property management career in 2013.

Why work with me?

– With more than 6 years working in the Waikato market, I’m an expert at understanding the requirements of both tenants and landlords in the Waikato. I’m a problem-solver who is experienced at finding the middle ground between tenants and owners where everyone is happy.

– I have in-depth knowledge of the Residential Tenancies Act 1986 and always keep up with the changes to contemporary legislation. That means you can be assured that your investment will be compliant and in safe hands.

– Property management isn’t a 9-5 job. I’m flexible and able to work late nights and weekends when necessary; providing 24/7 coverage for our clients. With my experience in managing everything from one-bedroom apartments to large family homes, I’m able to provide great service across all property type. I’m committed to maximising your investment.

Residential Property Management Waikato
angela fahey

Angela Fahey

Director and Auckland Manager

Angela Fahey – Straight-up, problem-solving

I’m one of Auckland’s leading property managers with over 10 years of experience in managing rental properties.

Why work with me?

– My proven track record in the New Zealand rental property market dealing in a straight-up way with clients.

– I have a reputation for being strong, honest and delivering results for owners such as the right rent and 24/7 maintenance.

– I’m skilled in developing strong relationships with both tenants and property owners as well as mediation and negotiation. As a property rental consultant, I support rental property owners and tenants during tenancy disputes. I’m a detail-focused problem-solver who can provide straight forward advice on all the financial and legal aspects of property management.

– My strong work ethic and excellent communication skills allow me to develop powerful interpersonal relationships with my team and the clients we are proud to work with.

Residential Property Management Auckland

Maximise the return on your property investment by having it looked after by experienced professional property managers.